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We proudly present the latest version of My Manlift. With the launch of our improved customer portal, Manlift now offers a unique user experience across all our platforms. 

Our Expertise


Safety is our core value and being aerial work platform specialists we prioritize the safety of our employees and customers. As a specialist like Manlift, we go above and beyond to keep you safe.

The Manlift Way

Our vision is to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. But we know that it takes more than good intentions to fulfill that promise. That’s why we’ve implemented The Manlift Way.


At Manlift, we believe there is an increasingly important role for us to play in helping our customers reach net zero emissions and create a healthier planet. Manlift is committed to UN SDG goals.

Digital Solutions

Manlift has developed various digital solutions in order to enhance efficiency and productivity. My Manlift, a digital platform that allows you to manage your rental journey effectively. 







Industries we proudly serve

Agriculture & Landscaping

With Manlift, you’ve got a partner who understands the nature of your work. Whether it’s tree trimming or greenhouse construction or cleaning, we provide you with a range of powered access solutions to ensure you get the job done safely and efficiently.

Data Centers
Data Centers

Our fleet contains a wide range of electric equipment with non-marking tyres, suitable for indoor use in critical facilities. In addition, we offer fully electric scissor lifts that have zero hydraulic components, which means you experience zero leaks.

Aviation Industry

Aviation is a demanding and innovative industry that requires specific equipment and tailored solutions. Working on an aircraft can be challenging due to its large dimensions and complex shapes. Manlift solutions offer increase efficiency, reduced down times and safe working at heights.

Energy Industry
Energy (Oil & Gas)

Energy companies require reliable solutions for working at height, often tailored to their specific needs. At Manlift Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliable aerial work platforms to get job done safely and efficiently.

Construction Industry
Construction & Infrastructure

We have the right aerial work platform for each field of application, whether steel construction, cladding, tunnelling or otherwise. And we go above and beyond with a continuously developing range of (digital) solutions that help you improve your productivity.

Events Industry

Let us help you create unforgettable events. You can focus on the organisation, whilst we take care of the right access platform to set up and dismantle your event location. With Manlift as your partner, you can be sure about getting the job done safely.

Facility management
Facility Management

Manlift offers range of access platforms for Facilities Management industry. From small power tower to ultra booms, we have the right machines for the job to be done. Keeping safety our utmost priority, we offer the most suitable aerial work platform for the working at height.

Logistics & Storage
Logistics & Storage

Manlift offers reliable solutions for Logistics & Storage industry. Whether you have to setup or maintain a warehouse, we have the right machines available to work at height safely. Our electric machines offer great deal of flexibility in terms of size, so if you are looking to work in narrow spaces, we have a perfect solution.

painting at height

If you are planning to Paint a mural at height, Manlift offers reliable aerial work platforms to support you at height. Whether you are looking to electric machines for indoor job or diesel lift for outdoor work, Manlift diverse fleet can fulfill your requirements.

Industrial Solutions

The industrial sector has all kinds of work activities in which an aerial work platform is needed, for example, work activities in a factory or maintenance at heights. Manlift supplies customized machines that offer a solution for every problem.

Latest news & blog posts

World Greatest Show Expo 2020
After years of planning and preparation followed by 6 months of the event execution, the final day of Expo 2020 has come. Manlift has been involved throughout the project in many different capacities from providing expertise to assist with the execution and providing machines to the majority of Pavillions as well as directly to Expo to ensure working at height safely and efficiently.
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Manlift Truck Health Check Safety Tips
Manlift Operations Manager Elmer Dimaano performs a Manlift Truck Health check to ensure safe transportation of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).
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Voice of the Customer: The Manlift Way
Manlift attaches paramount importance to supporting our customers in making their worksites the safest and most efficient work environment.
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