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The Manlift story is one of teamwork, desire, dedication and innovation. Manlift Middle East was established as the Manlift Group headquarters back in 2007 with a clear vision and mission; To be the first choice for jobs to be done at height! And Through engaged people & a customer-centric culture deliver the best customer experience.

Since 2007 Manlift has gone from strength to strength experiencing strong growth and brand exposure whilst innovating and adapting to the ever-changing emerging market. After a period of steady expansion, Manlift established a strong presence across the Middle East becoming one of the market leaders while founding branches across Qatar and India.

Today we are proud that Manlift is an award-winning supplier of work-at-height solutions across the MENA and SEA (South East Asia) region with top-quality equipment, service and training solutions. Operating with over 2,000 machines and services clients from all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia striving to maintain the Best Customer Experience across a wide range of industries.


Manlift is ISO certified organization
IAPA Winner logos 2022 - The Sustainability Award for Manlift
Manlift is IPAF rental plus certified


Manlift is committed to acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders. We reinforce these values by applying our Manlift Code of Conduct to all our operations.

The Manlift Code of Conduct takes account of the interests of our various stakeholders. They include employees, shareholders and financial institutions, suppliers, clients, government bodies, educational and knowledge institutes, industry and society associations (including NGOs) and the communities in which we operate.

Code of Conduct & SHEQ Policy

The Manlift Business Partner Code of Conduct sets out the basic requirements that our suppliers of goods and services must meet in relation to their responsibility for Quality, Health, Safety and Sustainability. These general and business principles are based on our company values which guide us in our way of working. It is not only important that we reach our goals, but also, how we reach them. Manlift expects its suppliers to conduct their business activities in a fair way, with integrity and with respect for people and the environment, throughout the entire value chain. We expect them to comply with applicable national and international laws, regulations and standards.

TManlift sets high standards for compliance with the group-wide SHEQ management system, which is centrally coordinated and monitored. We continuously strive to give the best customer experience by providing solutions for working at heights safely and efficiently. ‘’Safety first’’ is at the heart of our business and we constantly search for ways to improve our performance and build a safety culture. We are also committed to using our global expertise to enable a more sustainable future by embracing sustainability as an integral part of our operations and decision making.

Employee Code of Conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct is based on international guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is part of the employment contracts of all Manlift staff. An anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy are both enshrined in the Code, as well as a whistleblowing policy.

If you have any compliance concerns about and/or related to Manlift, please bring them forward, speak to your contact person within Manlift, who will listen and help you. If you have tried to talk to them but you feel that you are not being heard then you can approach Whistleblower Network, our external speak up platform facilitated by GotEthics. We encourage you to report to us about:

● Environmental, health and safety issues

● Disclosure of confidential information

● Fraud

● Bribes or facilitation payments being offered or accepted

● Discrimination

● Violation of company policies and procedures

HR Policy


Safety always comes first in our company. In this business, there is no room for blurring the lines when it comes to requirements on physical safety. Naturally, we provide our staff with a safe working environment by following all necessary rules and procedures. While operating equipment, our experts know everything there is to know about working at height. While advising customers, we will go the extra mile to make sure the parties we work with can benefit from our expertise on safety. 

Securing candor is also high on the agenda. We want all Manlift employees to feel safe while interacting with their colleagues, managers and customers. Having and demonstrating respect for each other in the office or workshop is of the utmost importance. As an employer, we expect and stimulate professional behavior and provide support for staff in situations that require change. Therefore, Manlift has a whistle blowing platform with a speak up line and an external confidential advisor people can open up to. When onboarded, new colleagues are informed of our code of conduct, social media policy and data security rules to make sure Manlift provides a welcoming and safe working environment. 

Great place to work

With operations in 14 countries directly and indirectly, Manlift is a diverse organisation with people from different nationalities and different characteristics. We value all our employees, their background and their unique contribution to our business. One of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals we focus on is increasing diversity and engagement. Manlift wants to be a Great Place to Work, so we invest in our staff and continuously measure employee satisfaction via surveys, interviews and team development sessions. 

Manlift has been awarded with an Ecovadis Gold Medal, which only 5% of all companies have earned. We make sure our focus is on labor and human rights. We do everything in our power to care for our people, creating welcoming surroundings and stimulating talent. We are transparent of our perks and benefits and happily elaborate on our policies, opportunities and arrangements, such as training programs, parental leave, flexible working hours and expense reimbursement.   

Manlift an organization

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