Taking You To New
Heights Digitally!

Leading Digital Innovation

Manlift provides solutions for working safely and efficiently at heights. For a wide range of customers with very specific demands and requirements Manlift implements innovative and ground breaking solutions, such as fully electric machines, equipment that can be easily tracked or AWP’s that can be used in harsh environments. 

Manlift has developed various digital solutions in order to enhance efficiency and productivity. My Manlift, a digital platform that allows you to manage your rental journey effectively. With BIM, we can help you in the design phase of your project. Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to choose the right platform for the job to be done at height.

BIM Models by Manlift

BIM (Building Information Modeling

In the early stages of development, our BIM models can be used to determine what machine is required for the job. Also allowing you to effectively plan where the machines should be located on-site.

Through using our aerial work platform BIM models we give you increased control over the machines, this way you are able to reduce and/or eliminate failure costs and carbon emissions. Our BIM professionals can help you to plan and manage your projects.