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The quality of your paintwork is determined not only by your painting skills and the materials your work with, but also the working conditions. And when you use specialised equipment from Manlift on the job, you are improving working conditions in terms of both efficiency and safety compared to accessing hard to reach points via a stairway, a scaffold, or a ladder. We have a wide range of telescopic and articulated boom lifts available to properly position the basket so you can comfortably paint at heights.

Quality and Safety at Height

We adhere to the highest safety standards and well maintained fleet. Our fleet includes machines from JLG, Genie, Upright, MEC, Teupen and more. Machines are inspected prior to each delivery and approved annually. Manlift has deep insight into the needs in the painting industry. It allow us to work closely with you to determine the best solutions for painting work. We’ll also consult with you in developing an estimate or quotation for a prospective project. Manlift has worked with several artist and help them get the mural painting done at heights safely.


For painting jobs at height, we are capable to fulfill your requirements.

  • For example, we can fit a platform with an electrical connection for sanding at height, or equip a machine with non-marking tyres for indoor work so that the machine does not mark the floor.
  • And for specific applications, we can add other accessories such as a particle filter, a generator, lighting, or a GPS tracking device.
  • If you are working in a sterile environment, Manlift can even provide a brand-new machine to ensure that the environment remains absolutely pristine.
painting at heights
JLG 4394RT Scissor Lift by Manlift

JLG 4394RT

Scissor Lift

Working height: 15.11 m
Lifting Capacity:565 kg
JLG 600SJ Telescopic Boom Lift by Manlift


Telescopic Boom Lift

Working height: 22.31 m
Lifting Capacity:230 kg

Genie GS5390RT

Scissor Lift

Working height: 18.15 m
Lifting Capacity:680 kg
Genie S45 Telescopic Boom Lift by Manlift

Genie S45

Telescopic Boom Lift

Working height: 15.72 m
Lifting Capacity:227 kg

Working Together for Safe Painting at Heights

With nearly five decades of experience in working at elevated heights, we possess the knowledge to identify effective solutions tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We happy to think creatively with our customers as partners to overcome any problems they may encounter. If you are looking to paint mural at heights, get in touch for FREE consultation.