Safety above all


Work Safely at Heights

In our business, safety is absolutely essential to our product offer and towards our vision in delivering the best customer experience – indeed it is part of our DNA. We deliver safe access and we will never ever make any compromise on what is one of our core values. In practice, that means safe equipment, safe processes, and the knowledge and awareness that comes from safety training and an embedded safety culture.

Safe Equipment

Safe equipment begins with quality equipment and expert maintenance. Whenever a piece of equipment is returned to one of our depots, it is checked from top to bottom, and if necessary, any required maintenance is carried out. All equipment is also inspected and approved annually.

Safe Practices

We ensure safe practices at every stage by adhering to the OHSAS 18001 standard that has become the international standard for health and safety management. With our OHSAS 18001 certification, we can provide assurance to our customers that we have an all-encompassing system in place to reduce the risk of an accident to the very minimum.

safety culture

A Safety Culture

Safe equipment and sound practices are one thing, but they are not enough without knowledge and a safety culture. That’s why we give training for our own people, and why we offer training on the safe operation of our equipment to our customers, with certified, knowledgeable trainers. Where local safety regulations require specific certifications, we make certain that all workers and supervisors have successfully completed the requisite training and are in full compliance with those local regulations.

Every meeting of staff at any of all our depots begins with a review of safety. Every week, key staff take a “safety walk” around the depot to check for any risks. And more generally, we ask our employees to make suggestions whenever they see anything that might pose a safety risk. All issues and incidents are noted on our “Improvement Board” – and acted on. Our goal is zero accidents and incidents, and we are working hard to achieve that with a pro-active approach to safety.