The Manlift Way


Question: Does Manlift provide operators along with the machine?
 Answer: In principle, we do not provide any operators along with the access platform. However, at Manlift India it is an
 exceptional case due to the market conditions where it’s beneficial to provide knowledgeable operators with
 the requested lifting equipment.

 Question: Does Manlift provide site inspections to recommend the right solution?
 Answer: Yes, you can ask for a site inspection and our qualified professional will visit your workplace and recommend
 you the right equipment and service solution. Manlift will complete a full risk assessment which comes along
 with the site inspection.

 Question: What kind of additional services Manlift offer?
 Answer: Manlift specializes in the Rental & Sales of AWP’s (aerial work platforms). In addition to that
 we offer IPAF training and AMC’s (annual maintenance contracts) for the machines bought from MANLIFT.

Question: Does Manlift rent a machine on an hourly basis?
Answer: No, our minimum hire period is a day. We rent machines on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Question: Are Manlift Machines insured?
Answer: Yes, our machines have insurance, however, it has not been extended at the customer workplace. The
customer should be covered by an insurance while our machine is on hire at the project site. Additionally, we also sell
damage waiver which covers all the damages.

Question: What happens when a machine breaks down?
Answer: Manlift has 24/7 service support. In case of any breakdowns, you need to call 800MANLIFT or 24/7 emergency
number 050 5543031.

 Question: Does Manlift charge on weekends and public holidays?
 Answer:Yes, our hire charges are based on 30 calendar days. (30 days for monthly hire, 7 days for weekly hire).
 There are no special fee when machine is on hire on a weekend or public holiday.

 Question: How do you charge when I use the machine more than the hire period?
 Answer: We charge a pro-rata basis for the days more than the minimum hire period.

 Question: Do I have to call when I’m finished?
 Answer: Yes, you need to send us a written notification 24 hours before the off-hire.

 Question: Does Manlift accept credit card payments?
 Answer: No, we do not accept credit cards. We accept payment through bank transfers, cheques & LC’s. However,
 we are looking into alternative ways that enable faster and easier payments in the future.