Build better with BIM

with BIM

Greater Efficiency and Shorter Project Life Cycles with BIM

What is BIM?

BIM (building information modeling) is the process of developing files, which are digital 3D models of physical objects such as buildings, machines, furniture, landscaping, and more.

The Benefits of BIM

Through using our aerial work platform BIM models we give you increased control over the machines, this way you are able to reduce and/or eliminate failure costs and carbon emissions. Our professionals can help you to plan and manage your projects more efficiently, and anticipate problems before they emerge, resulting in lower failure costs and increased productivity ultimately reducing time waste.

How Manlift can help you build better with BIM?

BIM Process (Project Lift Cycle) Development Phase

In the early stages of development, our BIM models can be used to determine what machine is required for the job. Also allowing you to effectively plan where the machines should be located on-site.


It allows you to have a complete overview of the construction site, which enables you to anticipate roadblocks or challenges when using aerial work platforms. Therefore also increasing the efficiency of the larger-scale projects. In addition, our BIM Champions will work with you on the implementation of the BIM files and support you in selecting the most suitable Manlift aerial work platform for the job to be done at height.


With the correct use of BIM, future maintenance becomes easier as building entrances can be modified to accommodate aerial work platforms. You can access your permanent record of machines used in the project for repair/maintenance purposes.

What to Expect from Manlift?

BIM Solutions by Manlift

After you have shared your project via, our specialists will analyse it. And together we will create a custom digital height plan for your project. Contact us if you want to discover the full range of solutions we have to offer. Together we will analyse your project and create a fully customized digital height plan.

We can help you with: