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In the facility management industry, a lift can provide a solution for many of the work activities. Thanks to our extensive range of products, we provide solutions for every type of work activities that needs to be done at heights.

Quality and Safety in Facilities Management Industry

We adhere to the highest safety standards, with immaculately maintained, quality equipment from the leading brands in the industry, such as JLG, Genie, MEC, Upright and more. Machines are inspected prior to each delivery and approved annually.


For example, window-cleaners often use our lifting machines for cleaning (in particular, the truck-mounted lift). However, in this line of work with its diverse aspects, it is important to have regard for environmental factors. If you drive over grass, for example, you can rent dock boards at Manlift. These protect lawns and tiles. It is also possible to rent a lift including an operator so that the work activities can be carried out efficiently. Manlift provides aerial work platforms for facility management industry which includes a wide range of activities including performing cleaning at heights, building maintenance, indoor maintenance and more.

Safe working for Facility Management Industry


Articulated Boom Lift

Working height: 26.28 m
Lifting Capacity:230 kg

Genie GS 2646

Scissor Lift

Working height: 9.92 m
Lifting Capacity:454 kg


Telescopic Boom Lift

Working height: 28.21 m
Lifting Capacity:230 kg


Spider Lift

Working height: 23 m
Lifting Capacity:200 kg

Working Together with Facilities Management Industry

With close to a half a century of experience working at height, we have the insight to know what solutions will work for our customers, and we’re happy to think creatively with them as partners to overcome any problems they may encounter. If you are looking for safe working at height solutions, get in touch for free consultation.