why rental is sustainable


Rental is more sustainable. Recent research has found that renting can be 30% to 50% better for the environment when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. This means that equipment rental can play a big role in helping contractors to meet increasingly ambitious sustainability goals.

The research was conducted into the total carbon footprint of key types of equipment, including aerial work platforms. The study measured the carbon emissions of each equipment type over the full course of its life, from the manufacture and use through to disposal. The researchers then compared these life cycle CO2 emissions for purchased and rental machines.

Rental is sustainable

The researchers working on the study created a CO2 calculator based on the factors which have the most impact on a machine’s carbon footprint, including utilization, specification, transportation, and maintenance.

Taken together all of these elements mean that a rental machine often has a much lower carbon footprint over its entire life than a purchased aerial work platform. That’s why rental is more sustainable.

At Manlift we deliver quality and reliability to our customers and we also support the clients efforts towards sustainability.