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Spider lift is one of the most efficient access platforms to get the job done at height safely. It provides great deal of flexibility in terms of reach especially in narrow areas. Spider lift varies on the basis of working height, power source and lifting capacity. Manlift offers well maintained spider lifts for rent, both electric and diesel powered spider lifts are available.

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Why choose a Spider Lift?

A spider lift is an aerial work platform that is ideal for performing tasks at a great height where space is limited, e.g. interior tasks such as working on staircases or swimming pools, but can also be used for outdoor activities. Renting a spider lift gives you an aerial work platform that can access areas that no other aerial work platform can reach. The spider lift’s narrow working platform means you can use it in places that are difficult to reach. But which type of spider lift should you choose for your project? That depends on the lifting capacity, reach and working height you need. So take advice from our experienced rentals team! They will help you find the right spider lift for your project or job, whatever industry you’re in.

Spider Lift rental from Manlift

Manlift has an extensive rentals fleet. We have a very broad range of spider lifts, and can provide companies in various industries with the right spider lift. Our spider lifts are low in weight and, thanks to caterpillar tracks, can be deployed in virtually any location. The most suitable spider lift for you depends on the reach you need to achieve. Do you need to rent a spider lift with a medium reach? Then you should rent the Hinowa GL 14 spider lifts with a working height of 14 metres. If you need a greater working height or need horizontal reach, consider the Teupen LEO 36T with a working height of 36 metres and a maximum horizontal reach of 15 metres. Simply take advice from our experienced rentals team! They have many years of experience in supplying spider lifts to many companies, and would be delighted to talk to you about our extensive range. They would also be happy to visit you on site and provide customised advice. More information about spider lift rental? Contact us! Manlift is happy to supply you with the right spider lift for your project! Perhaps you’ve looked through the extensive possibilities on our website, and now have questions about one of our spider lifts? Or you’d like to know more about the other aerial work platforms in our range? Please don’t hesitate to contact our consultants. We will happily ensure that you rent the spider lift that’s perfect for your project, and can deliver your equipment directly to your site if required. Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the right spider lift for you!

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