Give Blood - Save Lives! Part II

Blood Donation Campaign 2019 Manlift Abu Dhabi

Also this year Manlift Middle East embraces social responsibility by organizing a blood donation campaign

Giving something back to the communities in which we work is one of the most important things we keep on doing. And in that spirit, Manlift organized another blood donation campaign on February in our Abu Dhabi depot.

Manlift Middle East Abu Dhabi hosted the blood drive in association with the Abu Dhabi blood bank.

It’s the year of Tolerance in the UAE where the aim of the drive was to raise awareness and tolerance of the importance of voluntary blood donations, to promote the values of corporate and social responsibility, and to show our solidarity with the local community with a very tangible contribution. Indeed, when it comes to giving, the gift of blood is one that can make the difference between life and death for people in very real need.

Manlift Blood Donation Campaign 2019  Manlift Blood Donation Campaign 2019 Abu Dhabi

More than 70 donors were invited to the event, including employees, Manlift clients, and suppliers. In addition, we extended invitations to neighboring businesses, and were pleased to have a number of their people join us.

In return, we are very pleased to receive a certificate of appreciation from Abu Dhabi Blood Bank for our valuable contribution to the community!

Blood Donation - Certificate of Appreciation Manlift Abu Dhabi