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Looking for Telescopic boom lift for rent? Manlift rental offers wide range of boom lifts on rent, both electric telescopic boom lift and diesel powered telescopic boom lifts are available for rent.

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Telescopic Boom Lift for Rent

Telescopic boom lift is also known as a stick or straight boom as it extends straight with greater horizontal reach. Telescopic boom lifts are commonly used by construction, industrial, painting and facility management industries and more.


Special Training For Aerial Work Plaform Rental

Renting an aerial work platform involves more than just supplying the aerial work platform. An aerial work platform requires specific expertise to operare. Which is why Manlift offers aerial work platform training, where the emphasis is on providing you with instruction and certification as a MEWP machine operator. We are an official training centre for aerial work platform courses developed by IPAF, an international organisation that has been dedicated to the safe and effective use of aerial work platforms for 50 years, ensuring that the risks for our customers are kept to a minimum.


Why You Should Choose to rent Telescopic Boom Lift?

Purchasing an aerial work platform is a huge investment that often involves all sorts of peripherals that mean extra costs, such as a permanent storage place for the aerial work platform. In many instances, aerial work platform rental is a great alternative. We understand that you may need an aerial work platform for just one day, and we’ll happily help you find the right aerial work platform for your job. But you can of course rent aerial work platforms for a longer period. Manlift offers flexible duration in term of hire, you can choose a short term or long term rental depending on the requirements. 


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