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Manlift provides crawler lifts for rent, an ideal aerial work platform for sandy and muddy terrains.

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The Crawler Lift Rental options

Perhaps you need an aerial work platform for new build activities on your construction site, or for horticultural and greenhouse construction work? A crawler lift could be just the answer. Manlift offers a crawler boom lift. Crawler lift is suitable for outside use in all weather conditions. The aerial platform or lifting capacity you choose depends on the type and volume of material you need to move. Our consultants will be happy to tell you more about this, and advise you on the best crawler lift for your situation.

Rent Crawler Lifts at your required location

As we mentioned before, crawler lifts are particularly suitable for use on construction sites or for horticultural and greenhouse construction activities. Riwal can ensure that the crawler lift you have rented is delivered directly to the right location. We can also offer you training courses so that you can be fully certified for operating your crawler lift. Safety is of paramount importance for Riwal and by completing one of our training courses, you will learn how to minimise the risks associated with using aerial work platforms.

Why Crawler Lift rental from Manlift?

A crawler lift from Manlift is a great solution. Not just because of the premium quality crawler lifts we provide, from manufacturers such as JLG but also because of the great service we offer too. With Manlift, you can count on many years of experience in renting out crawler lifts and many other types of aerial work platform.

Curious about the technical possibilities of all these aerial work platforms? Simply contact our experienced rentals team who will happily tell you more about the many applications of our aerial work platforms. For Crawler lift rental Contact us!

Do you have questions about renting a crawler lift, or do you want to know about our wide range? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience in providing crawler lifts to companies in the Netherlands and abroad for use across a wide range of projects, and would be delighted to help you find the right crawler lift for your job. Simply call or email us; our rentals team is waiting to give you appropriate specialist advice!

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