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22 Sep

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Manlift Delivering the best customer experience

How do you deliver the best customer experience? What kind of creative and novel way can you come up and think of? When was the last time where you disrupted the routine of daily thoughts followed by daily routine of activities?

The intentions for all of the Manlift team are the same:

  1. Creating a harmonious and genuine circle of trust with our customers
  2. Keeping one’s words in delivering the most suitable solution and the best service to our customers
  3. Responding promptly and providing fast resolution times when the customer reaches out for support.

These are some of the important requisites required to build the foundation for a solid and positive customer experience. The catalyst that brings the positive memorable experience for our customers happens when we blend, both the above mentioned requisites together with the ingredients of each value chain in the rental cycle process flow (see below graphic).

*The numbers in the cycle are based on average KPIs across the Manlift countries.

This is where and when the “Manlift Way” comes to shine and takes over. And when the actual journey is embarked on by our customers as soon as they rent their desired access platform from us. It requires a culture of openness, willingness to receive and act upon feedback and most of all embracing change for the better. The Manlift Way is also known as the operating model of the company. It is something that cannot be copied or become a me-too product it is unique like a gene embedded in each of our employee’s mindset. It makes us who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver the best customer experience at Manlift.

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  • nacele / baurent 06 Aug

    totally agree! You can grow stable only if you deliver top services and buod trust!

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