Virtual Reality-VR-at Manlift

10 October, 2018

Access Platform Familiarization using VR

Manlift is using Virtual Reality (VR), for the first time in the Middle East, to teach operators how to use aerial work platforms such as boom and scissor lifts.

Manlift is using Virtual Reality (VR), for the first time in the Middle East. VR can be use for access platform familiarization.

Partnered with Serious Labs to design an immersive, virtual reality-based (VR) simulation of mini-scenarios operators and instructors can practice for operating scissors and boom lifts in realistic work environments.

Access Platform Familiarization

Manlifts Training Centre, and our qualified IPAF instructors will always ensure our trainees and others operate in a safe and “controlled environment” no matter if in the yard training zone operating an AWP, or in the training room.

A healthy combination of fun and seriousness to enable operators to become fully emerged in the virtual world of a job-site, mimicking everything that is expected to see, feel and happen in a real world construction environment.

Virtual Reality at Manlift

The simulations become progressively harder as the user goes through the module, with each scenario taking a beginner approximately 60 minutes to complete. At the end of each mini-module, the user is given data on how well or poorly they performed to help them address areas for improvement.

A strong effect in the workplace by helping to improve site standards! Virtual Reality (VR) unit allows user to experience the access platforms in working environment. Manlift is offering FREE access platform familiarization using VR.

Let us know if your company would like to have a smart-course with VR and register here.

Alternatively, visit us at the IPAF Middle East Convention on November 7th to familiarize yourself with the VR simulator, which is waiting for you at our stand. For more information, click here.