Oscillating Axle

23 April, 2019

Oscillating Axle Vs Non Oscillating Axle

The oscillating axle is a special feature of Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) that is commonly integrated into scissor lifts and boom lifts operating on uneven or rough terrain.

An oscillating axle system allow aerial work platforms to keep all the wheels on the ground while moving over the rough terrain. Once the machine stops and the boom lift is elevated the oscillating axle locks itself to ensure stability while working at height.

Not all AWPs can have oscillating axles feature as it requires a complex mechanical system which involves hydraulics and electronics. Nonetheless, most of the new aerial work platforms are offering built in oscillating axles in order to ensure stability on rough terrain.

Normally the oscillating axle feature is disabled which results in platform instability as wheels are in the air. At Manlift we perform several checks to ensure platform performance and stability, one of the checks we perform is to ensure that oscillating axle system must lock automatically during operation and function properly when the platform is in motion.

However, the latest development by Genie offers active oscillating axle which allows the operator to drive AWP even when the boom is elevated and the axle is oscillating. The active oscillating axle provide more stability over slightly uneven surfaces while the access platform is elevated.

The use of the oscillating axle and its benefits are discussed in detail during IPAF training to give operators a full understanding of how this important feature works and how to use it to best advantage.