Voice of Customer-Manlift Way

24 August, 2021

Voice of the Customer: The Manlift Way

Manlift attaches paramount importance to supporting our customers in making their worksites the safest and most efficient work environment.


The Manlift Way: In order to ensure that we provide the best customer experience, we engage with our customers in an effort to give them a voice. Understanding and learning from our customers feedback is a key feature in our continuous improvement focus.

This initiative was a result of our operating system, The Manlift Way, which has stimulated our UAE team in Dubai to reach out to our partners at the project in an effort to listen to customers feedback, and to highlight key improvement areas. Also to confirm the benefits and advantages to our teams and our customers teams; the value “MEWP telemetry” brings to their experience via their testimonials.

We discussed “How they use the Telemetry from the machines and how they benefit from this.”

John explained how telemetry is assisting with their “efficient utilisation of the MEWPs”. They can see where machines are being used via GPS and Geo-fencing features.

With Geo-fencing, a digital barrier is placed around the MEWPs and will notify the allocated personnel when this barrier is breached. This allows them to see when the MEWPs they have on rent or purchased leave or return to the compound or if they are being used on site which is critical for their onsite security and utilisation protocols.

Voice of customer Expo2020 Dubai

John also mentioned that they limit who can use the MEWPs for example “IPAF PAL Card Operators can only start the MEWP.” This means that if an operator does not have the correct Powered access license category with the Telemetry interface, the RFID recognition will not permit them to operate the machine.

The telemetry also enables the team to monitor how many times the MEWP is being used per day/week which enables management to see efficient MEWP utilisation and support them in correct machine selection. John also mentioned that he is looking at “service due” schedules to ensure the MEWPs are serviced on time. He also discussed how he is monitoring the transport vehicles in effort to track MEWP movements around the sites and when returning to the depot.

The Manlift team received immensely valuable feedback on how our customers are using and benefitting from the telemetry we install on our MEWPs. We also gained valuable insight into how this is used differently to manage the machines they have rented or purchased. As well as this we have also been able to identify what other areas, could be improved to ensure we are delivering the best customer experience.

In an effort to fulfill this promise we are proud to announce that Manlift is currently in the final stages of development for our Customer Portal and App – My Manlift. This will enable customers to view machine data, manage machines, hire and off hire and much more through our digital platform.