All Electric Solutions by Manlift

19 November, 2019

What are the benefits of All-Electric solutions by Manlift?

We all know how important sustainability is when it comes to running a business, especially in industries where it may be hard to find environmentally friendly solutions and alternatives.

To support the environment, choosing an electric aerial work platform is the best solution. However, there are a host of other benefits that these machines offer you and your business such as cost savings and increased efficiency. Read on to find out the benefits that all-electric AWPs offer.

1. Less Downtime

Electric machines have lower possibility of a breakdown because they have fewer components than a diesel machine (e.g. no oil, oil filter and fuel filters) and do not have a hydraulic system that heats up as the electric motor does not run idle. Since electric machines do not require fuel so you do not need to worry about fuel quality or oil leaks. In addition to that operators do not have to spend time to refill the tank.

2. Cost Saving

Electricity is cheaper than fuel! This alone will save you money. Also, our electric motors are maintenance-free (with a 2-year warranty) when you buy one of our converted machines. Electric machines permit easier and faster inspections, as there is no check on engine oil, cooling water, etc. and there is less wear on hydraulic components (electric motor only rotates if a motion is required), meaning less chance that you will have to pay to replace parts of the AWP Additionally, to service and maintain the new-generation diesel engines, special tools are required that cost additional money. Overall, even compared to a hybrid machine, only one system needs to be maintained, leaving less room for extra costs to accrue.

3. Better Utilization

You can get more out of an electric machine! It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Additionally, you will have the ability to work in areas with CO2 emission restrictions. If your worksite has noise restrictions (i.e. close to hospitals or in urban areas before and after working hours), you can still carry on with your work with a quiet electric boom lift.

4. Support the Environment with All Electric Solutions

You can help make our planet a better place for everyone to live! In addition to feeling good and knowing that you are making environmentally responsible decisions, you can also help position your company as an innovative and green organization, both to your employees and customers. Lastly, electric booms will help you contribute to a decrease in our global carbon footprint.

Are you interested in renting or buying an electric boom lift? In addition to carrying electric machines directly from manufacturers, Manlift has converted 5 JLG boom lift models from diesel to electric, while making sure that they meet or exceed the capabilities of their diesel counterparts. Our converted electric booms feature working heights from 22 to 43 meters, with the most recent addition being the 22-meter JLG 660SJ. To learn more about our range of electric booms, click here.