Manlift Special Olympics Abu Dhabi

29 March, 2019

Manlift Abu Dhabi at Special Olympics World Games 2019

Under the motto “He can. She can. We can. Together we can create a more unified world”, our team from Manlift Abu Dhabi is ready to #MeetTheDetermined and volunteer at the SPECIAL OLYMPICS World Games 2019!

Special Olympics is a humanitarian sporting event for people of determination (with intellectual disabilities) to promote inclusion. Abu Dhabi’s World Games will be the most unified Games as it will host more than 170 countries, hence breaking the record of participating countries in the history of the Special Olympics.

The event started in March 6 and last for almost one month till the 21st of March 2019. We are proud to our volunteers from Manlift Abu Dhabi supporting this great cause within the field of their responsibility listed below: