JLG 600SCG - Crawler lift
JLG 600SC - Crawler lift
JLG 600SC - Crawler lift



Crawler Telescopic Lift – 20.0m Diesel

There are two different types of crawler lifts: scissor crawler and telescopic crawler lifts. Manlift offers both types of crawler lifts for rent based on requirements. The crawler lifts are designed to perform several operations in construction and agricultural industries as it work smoothly on unpaved surfaces.

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The JLG 600SC telescopic crawler lift provides working height of 20.36 m. A single drive/steer joystick allows one-handed operation and its zero turning radius provides freedom to move around the job site easily.The platforms are equipped with an undercarriage on caterpillars and can be used on all types of surfaces. The crawler is ideal for use on sandy or muddy terrains.