Genie GS3384RT - Scissor lift
Genie GS3384RT - Scissor lift
Genie GS3384RT - Scissor lift


Genie GS3384RT

Scissor Lift – 12.0m Diesel

The Genie GS 3384RT scissor lift provides working height of 12.06 m and four-wheel drive with positive traction control is commonly used to work in narrow spaces where one has to move around at heights in order to perform various tasks safely. Manlift rental offers ​a ​wide range of well maintained Genie Scissor lifts for rent based on different customer requirements.

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Safety gear required
Technical data
Driving propulsion
Working height
12,00 m
Workload Capacity
1.134 kg
Own weight
5.445 kg
Platform dimensions (d x w)
3,94 x 1,83 m
Transport dimensions (d x w x h)
3,94 x 2,13 x 2 m
Max platform height
10,06 m
Recommended number of people
Maneuvering at height
50,00 %
Lifting Propulsion

An upgrade in toughness and strength from the well proven

Scissor lift is one of the most frequently used aerial work platforms which is required to work at heights safely. It is useful to perform​ not only​ various tasks such as cleaning and painting,​ but​ also it​ is​ used in many construction and industrial installation applications. The Genie GS 3384RT scissor lift is available in electric and diesel powered sources can be used indoor/outdoor based on environment. An electric scissor lift is highly recommeneded for indoor operations where zero-emission policy must be followed.