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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our Policy

Maintaining high standards in regards to corporate social responsibility is of the utmost importance to Manlift. Manlift has always demonstrated a very firm commitment to society and the local community, throughout all of our work processes. By creating a positive work culture for our employees, being aware of our carbon footprint and reducing waste, and supporting causes in the local communities that we are a part of, Manlift strives to make a positive impact societally. Along with safety, sustainability is one of our core values and we are constantly analyzing our practices to see how we can run our business more sustainably. Additionally, we find it important, as good corporate citizens, to engage in positive ways and strengthen local connections through sports, philanthropy and culture. Overall, our goal is to keep economic, environmental and social interests in balance with respect to people, planet and profit.


Our own employees are our most important resource, and so we try to operate our business to ensure their health and safety and to provide them with career development opportunities. We’ve built Manlift as a company with an innovative, international, open character. We comply with all relevant laws with respect to non-discrimination and transparency. But the same commitment we make to our employees extends to all of our other stakeholders as well– our business partners, our customers, and our suppliers in the communities in which we work.


We believe that renting powered access equipment is a sustainable solution – for the environment, but even more for the long-term business success of our customers. Customers do not need to own, store, and maintain equipment on their sites that they only use occasionally, nor do they need to maintain the in-house expertise and insight that we can provide as specialists. They get state-of-the-art equipment and can focus on their core business rather than expending valuable resources on what is not central to them. The rental industry operates in a circular business model and therefore contributes to the transformation towards a more circular economy. We know that the resources on our planet are limited, and so we are working in many ways to reduce our own environmental footprint to a minimum. We do as much as we can to reduce our energy consumption and our waste, recycling as much as we possibly can and making conscious choices for products and processes that are good for our planet. Sustainability is clearly important for the planet, but it is also very important for our business. And we firmly believe it gives us and our customers a competitive advantage. For example, when we can provide low-emissions, low-noise electric-powered solutions, hybrid machines with lower CO2 footprints, and newer, more energy efficient equipment, we are delivering added value to our customers.


Sustainability is also about long-term continuity. If we do not operate our business “sustainably”, we will not be around in the future to offer our customers the safe and efficient solutions they rely on us for. So we are assessing our own processes and looking at how to improve them. An important element of that process is The Manlift Way, which we’ve implemented to deliver consistently high quality to all of our customers throughout the world.

The Manlift Way delivers advantages in quality and reliability to our customers, and it also is a business methodology designed to ensure our own business success, profitability, and our future.

Manlift's Certifications

At Manlift, we believe in maintaining the highest standards for quality, safety, and sustainability. We are proud to possess the following certifications that reflect the high bar that we set for our organization.

OHSAS 18001 standard for occupational health and safety management

ISO 9001 for quality

ISO 14001 for environment