As the largest specialist in the field of working safely and efficiently at heights, we ensure our customers remain worry less and we do that in 17 different countries. By continuously investing in people, quality and innovation, Manlift has become a leading international player. With its international presence and exposure to market, Manlift can meet both stated / unstated needs of customers anywhere in the world. Manlift is already a market leader in rental in the UAE, Qatar and India and works together with partners in the countries where we do not have a branch as yet.



Our customers while working on projects abroad always have the same, trusted contact person as in the home country.
Customers with operations abroad can conclude both individual contracts per country of residence, and also a central contract for several countries as per their convenience. 

As Manlift has a rich history, its primary objectives are to understand customers' needs on a continuous basis and building strong bondage. In spite of its international growth and exposure, Manlift excels in rendering fast service, reliability and sharper focus on all its' customers.