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Manlift Contributes at The Rickshaw Challenge

manlift rickshaw challenge
Manlift Contributes at The Rickshaw Challenge
Manlift helped massively with a donation to a local hospice charity which looks after terminally ill patients during their last stages of life providing fantastic support for the patient as well as the families involved.


Three young ambitious and compassionate dudes (along with our regional finance controller), embarked on a journey from Goa to Mumbai (1100 km ) not by walk, also not by train but in an auto rickshaw / colloquially known as TUKTUK . Yes, you read it correctly. And guess how the weather in India usually is in June? With the current monsoons up to 40 degree with bright Sun shine, 4 rickshaws altogether boldly traveled roughly 200 km a day which took between 7-11 hours. An extremely tough challenge but worth the effort while raising an amount of 5,165 GBP overall.

Manlift Rickshaw Challenge route map