Manlift won the IAPA Award 2017 for being IPAF Training Centre of the Year

Manlift IPAF Training Centre of the year
What a great milestone achievement!
From implementing Safety Awareness to being awarded as IPAF Training Centre of the year at this years’ IAPA Award ceremony in April 4th 2017.
Manlift has 8 multilingual instructors in our team and increasing, directly involved in growing MEWP safety awareness in the Middle East and India regions, through our in-country operations. Headquartered in Dubai Manlift has a strong focus and significant multifaceted investments in both training resources and prioritizing the regions knowledge growth on all things related to MEWP safety.
The following deliverable's contribute on this great achievement:
  • Recruiting and continually training four "operations specialists" who's daily role is to deliver training and familiarizations for end users of MEWPs. The training team now consists of 1 IPAF Manager, 2 Senior Instructors, 3 Instructors and 1 MEWP operations specialists.
  • First IPAF training center was established in India 2016. Our training centers have undergone our own internal "lean" preparation process "The Manlift Way" in addition to the IPAF audit process, helping us to ensure that we are in the strongest position to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Manlift has been directly involved in furthering knowledge of the teams of local government ministry in MEWP knowledge and what training is required for MEWPs. Our continual work with the "Ministry of Labour" and their team of safety officers has included Products days on MEWPs, safety awareness presentations and involving the government team whenever possible on our internal and external programs for MEWP related safety and knowledge growth.
  • Manlift believes that we must practice what we preach! hence we regularly hold internal "MEWP product days" for our sales teams and relevant employees, growing their knowledge, in order to help them provide the customer with the right advice any time and every time. Our aim for 2016 was to have every technician and sales person holding an IPAF PAL card as a minimum. We also have a program in preparation to include MEWP awareness for our new employees. MEWPs for Managers courses are held for our managers and senior staff.
  • Manlift works closely to assist IPAF in their primary role in many ways e.g we were happy to have one of our senior instructors speak at the last UAE IPAF convention delivering a presentation on "ground conditions" to all the attendees of the convention.
  • Manlift has also plan to deliver and lead the IPAF "Load Unload" development in the UAE and other countries in 2017.
  • Manlift was one of the first training centers to hold IPAF Operators courses for contractors building at the New Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai airport extension. Additionally we are the preferred training center for the Jebel Ali airport authority operators, as well as Jebel Ali Port authority operators.