Manlift Digital Solutions Leading a Way in AWP Industry

Manlift Digital Solutions

The Manlift Rental App is now available on Google Play and App Store. Easily choose your rental machines and book trainings no matter when and where you are.

Manlift Digital Solutions allow you to hire machines and book the required training via Manlift Rental App

The region’s largest specialist in the area of working safely and efficiently at heights, Manlift has developed the Rental App to make ordering equipment even easier for its customers.

David King, Managing Director of Manlift Group, said: “This new online platform provides our customers with a digital tool to simplify their way of interacting with us.

“We are committed to delivering the best customer experience, which now includes the Rental App. We have created a self-service rental experience that is information-rich and is mobile and user-friendly to our customers, who will increasingly operate in a more digital way.”

The Rental App is a breakthrough technology product, because it enables customers to browse and place an order at any time and from anywhere using an app on their smartphones.”

Manlift Rental App

Users can explore Manlift’s entire rental fleet and gain immediate insight into the availability of a diverse range of booms, scissors and spider lifts. For every machine, there is a list of technical questions that help the app user to ensure that they are selecting the correct access platform for the task at hand. On completion of this process, one click will place an order for delivery – and puts the user in touch with Manlift’s rental experts, if they have any further questions.

Augmented Reality (AR)


Manlift’s innovation expedites this process, allowing you to select a machine with confidence, and get it right the first time. The augmented reality feature is available in our Manlift Rental app, enabling the selection of a machine easily and then the ability to see it in your workspace with the tap of a finger.

Book a Training with Manlift Rental App

Booking your training has never been easier than now with our Manlift Rental App. With five simple steps, you can now book your authorised training courses at any of our locations across UAE, Qatar and India.

The Rental App is part of the company’s digital strategy to enhance customer connectivity and engage in new markets. The app’s user-friendly interface also includes live-chat functionality for additional customer support. Ultimately, the app will enhance job-site productivity and the customer experience.

Check out how it works!

The Rental App is available in Android as well as iOS, and can be downloaded from Google Play and iOS App Store.

Manlift Rental App available on Google Play Store  Manlift Rental App available on Apple Store