Manlift Recognizes Employee Service Milestones

Manlift 10 Year Service Awards Dubai - UAE

Since Manlift began operations in 2007, it has enjoyed great success and nearly constant growth and has become the leading supplier of aerial work platforms for sales and rental across the Middle East and Southeast Asia. That success would not have been possible without the great contributions and engagement of its people. And so, in recognition of staff members who have passed the notable milestones of five years and ten years of service, Manlift recently honored these individuals with a special ceremony. During the ceremony, the company expressed its gratitude and appreciation for the contributions and achievements of these colleagues. Nearly 50% of the Manlift staff have been with the company for 5 years or more, which is testament to the culture of Manlift as a company.

Manlift 10 Year Service award in Dubai UAE

Manlift Middle East:

10 years of service: Ranjith Jos, Joseph Mathew, Antony George, Albin George,Prabhakara Kasargod, Rayees Thattankandy, Rijo Devassy, Bency George, Rolando Arada, Joel Quadras, Bhaskaran Koroth, Syed Ali, Robert Stephen, Elmer Dimaano, Malik Awan, Bazeer Ahmed, Shaji Balakrishnan

5 years of service: Oswald Dsouza, Binoy Kallarakkal , Don Indrapriya, Madhusudanan Bhaskaran, Nestor Nuenz, Gangadharan Thadathil, Lewin Ranilo, Brain Toquero, Mohammed Khan, Unnikrishnan Sasidharan, Randolf Ang Echague

Manlift 10 service awards Doha Qatar

Manlift Qatar:

10 years of service: Antony George, Prabhakara Kasargod, Rayees Thattankandy, Bhaskaran Koroth Nair, Shaji Balakrishnan

5 years of service: Binoy Subramanian, Madhusudanan Bashkaran, Gangadharan Thadathil, Mohammed Khan, Unnikrishnan Sasidharan, Randolf Echague

The ceremony provided an opportunity to acknowledge how these employees are realizing the Manlift vision to be the first choice for jobs done at height by embracing the principles of Safety, Engagement, Teamwork, Integrity and Responsibility. What we call the Manlift Way, this is nothing less than the DNA of the company – a commitment to continuous improvement to ensure that the company is doing all it can to be more efficient, faster and safer. It is this process that has made it possible for the company to grow over the years and it is this process that we expect will bring further growth in sales and in the size of our fleet in 2018 and beyond.

Manlift today employs a team of experts in the area of lean business practices and operations who drive the continuous improvement efforts and constantly re-evaluate all the company’s processes at all stages of the rental cycle.

“Our compelling value proposition is our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Managing Director David King. “We know that if we can do that reliably and consistently, our customers will be willing to pay for our services. We believe in keeping our promises, finding solutions from customers’ perspectives, creating value together, improving every day, and acting with urgency. That is the embodiment of that value proposition and it is what makes us the first choice for jobs done at height. But it can only be achieved – so that we do indeed deliver ‘the Best Customer Experience’ – through our engaged people working every single day to realize the vision.”

The company, says David King, fully intends to continue setting the standards for the industry from a leadership position, and to drive the fast-moving industry forward across the Middle East and Southeast Asia with its single-minded focus on delivering the best customer experience.