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Manlift Lifting Sustainablity

At Manlift, our commitment to sustainability is much more than just words. We have aligned our objectives with the industry-standard Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) giving us a framework to create a bold strategy and to measure its success.

SDGs have been described as ‘the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’. They cover a wide range of topics, from poverty and education to energy and the environment.

At Manlift we are continuing to embrace Sustainability as an integral part of our business by including social, environmental and economical factors in our operations and decision making. This includes both long term and short term thinking which gives the goal a proactive approach.

Manlift has selected four of these goals as its main areas of focus:

Manlift Sustainability goals 

Find out how Manlift is contributing to these four goals:

  • First and foremost, Rental is a “green” solution, research has confirmed that the total carbon emissions can be significantly reduced by renting a machine versus purchasing a machine.
  • Closer to home, our actions include making changes in our workplace, such as water recycling in workshop wash bays, and fitting LED & solar lights to our depots and offices.
  • We are continuously focusing on the education of our employees and customers, through certified IPAF training, soft skills training, and departmental specific competency training.
  • We are continually evaluating our suppliers and our work processes, to determine how we can improve efficiency and reduce waste in the process itself and in the products and materials used.
  • Additionally, we are leaders in all-electric and Hybrid Aerial Work Platforms, including unique models, like “spider lifts” and large mobile boom lifts.

Manlift continues to innovate in all these areas of sustainability.