The Manlift Way

The Manlift Way

Our vision is to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. But we know that it takes more than good intentions to fulfil that promise. That’s why we’ve implemented The Manlift Way. The idea of The Manlift Way is to create standardised, repeatable systems for every aspect of our business, to ensure the same quality product and service with every single customer, every time we do business, anywhere in the world that we do business.

To create The Manlift Way, we asked our customers – from many different countries, working in many different business sectors – what they valued most about us and what was most important to them when they did business with us. We were able to distill their feedback into six “value drivers” ranging from safety – everyone’s number one priority – to invoice accuracy. And with that knowledge, we built an operating model that is totally focused on delivering those value drivers to our customers. While introducing lean management programs based on Kaizen principles aiming to maximize customer value and minimizing waste, we mapped out and improved our processes across all countries and depots from 2014 till 2017. 
Kaizen principles have enabled us to improve upon our levels of machine availability, safety, on-time delivery and pick up, high machine up-time and invoice accuracy.


The benefits – that idea of best customer experience – are seen in our customers’ increased productivity and their ability to hit deadlines and cut costs. They extend as well to the confidence that our customers have that they can rely on our equipment and call on us for any support. In the back office, our customers know that they can conclude their transactions with total clarity and without headaches.

As part of this Manlift Way, we can constantly monitor and improve key performance indicators across all our depots in order to continuously improve the quality of service we deliver to our customers.

That’s what The Manlift Way is all about. But how does it work? What we did was to carefully analyse all of our “core processes” throughout what we refer to as the rental cycle and standardise them based on best practices. Then we created a curriculum to teach The Manlift Way to everyone in the company and conducted intensive training sessions at all our locations to embed the principles of the Manlift Way into our business. And the result is an even better customer experience, with quicker response time, a reduction in the number of breakdowns to an absolute minimum, improved efficiency and higher productivity for our customers.

Still getting better

But we’re not satisfied yet, and indeed, there is always room for improvement and progress further. Continuous improvement is essential to The Manlift Way, in fact because we know that no matter how well we are doing, we can always deliver more to our customers, and in fact because we know the competition is not standing still. So we continue to work closely with our customers to find out what we can do better and what else they need. To deliver the best customer experience in the industry today, and an even better one tomorrow.

Another Added Value of The Manlift Way