AWP Senior Technician - Level 2





Repairs/installs and maintains Aerial Work Platform equipment in a safe and professional manner, including DC electrical systems, hydraulic systems, & associated equipment, as well as mechanical equipment such as engines, motors, and sub assemblies, by performing the duties listed below.

The senior technician serves as an advanced level worker performing the most complex assignments, and also provides technical assistance in diagnosis and repair of Aerial work platforms. This position requires an employee to possess a high degree of independent judgement in making decisions without availability of supervision, also schedules work, monitors quality, efficient and cost effective approach in doing task and valued customer relations

Organisational Structure

  • Reports to Workshop Manager – Manlift Qatar LLC

Representative Duties:

  • Performs a variety of duties related to the maintenance and repair of AWP’s.
  • Performs preventive maintenance of AWP’s in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and Manlift service schedules.
  • Prepare and maintains a variety of written records and reports, reads and interprets plans and specifications.
  • Responds to customer inquiries in a courteous manner, provides information within the areas of assignment.
  • Work safely and adhere to safe work practices and procedures in accordance with the TMW (The Manlift Way).

Details of more specific additional duties: (Including but not limited to :)

  • Maintain positive customer relations through professional interactions with customers.
  • Responsible for the safe maintenance and repair of a variety of Aerial Work Platforms and associated equipment, which utilise mechanical, diesel, electrical and electronic systems.
  • Installs and repairs mechanical, hydraulic or electrical parts such as hydraulic cylinders, engine parts, switches, controllers and associated components.
  • Dismantles devices to gain access to and remove defective parts.
  • Examines form and texture of parts to detect imperfections.
  • Lubricates and cleans parts.
  • Starts / operates devices to test their performance.
  • Sets up and operates repair equipment and repair parts according to instruction & procedure.
  • Diagnose, and carry out preventive maintenance according to manufactures, and Manlift requirements, as well as fault finding, troubleshooting, and attending breakdowns on all equipment in rental and sales fleet.
  • Reads, follows, understands oral and written instructions.
  • Issue “Field Service reports” and “service work orders” on maintenance tasks and faults, and the parts, labour and time taken to complete the task.
  • Operates equipment, demonstrate and familiarise customers when necessary.
  • Inspects used parts to determine imperfections or changes in dimensional requirements.
  • Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments & repairs or replaces defective parts & components.
  • Installs special functional and structural parts in devices & equipment.
  • Reads, follows, understands and communicate schematic drawings, service and parts manuals.
  • Calibrate equipment using electronic aids and procedures and programmable controllers.
  • Troubleshoot and Inspect machine (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components) to detect faults and malfunctions.
  • Work individually and will lead a team in major repair and maintenance.
  • Flexible in responding to changes in schedules and scope of job required on all Manlift equipments.
  • Travel extensively as workload and schedule demands change, and respond to 24 hours emergency calls in an efficient and timely manner to effect immediate repairs.
  • Understand and prioritize work plans to complete assignments with quality work and minimum supervision.
  • Provides instructions and training in the proper methods and processes necessary to perform equipment repairs, inspection and preventive maintenance.
  • Implement, recognise and proposed tools necessary to complete the task in safe, efficient and shortest possibletime.
  • Plan, schedule preventive and routine maintenance according to manufacture and Manlift requirements, as well as fault finding, troubleshooting, diagnostics and associated breakdowns on all Manlift equipment.
  • Understand and prioritize work plans to complete assignments with quality work, cost effective, responding to an emergency situations in an efficient and timely manner to effect immediate repairs.
  • Analyze existing work procedures and develop a plan to improve ways to provide, efficient, time saving and cost effective approach processes.
  • Perform a variety of specialized maintenance and repair work assigned such as – major overhauls of Engine, Hydraulic pumps & cylinders, Rotary coupling, swing drive, torque hub and other mechanical components.
  • Repair electrical components such as starter motors, alternators, and various controllers used on the AWP’s.
  • Test and perform pressure setting procedures of function pump, control valves, charge & pressure valves, Engine valve lash adjustment.
  • Use testing and measuring instruments to Test, analyze, calibrate and adjust/ upgrade JLG control system, Genie generic system, Teupen TODAC system, EZcal on MEC, Snorkel & Skyjack machines.
  • Read and interpret basic hydraulic & electrical schematic and troubleshoot faults on various AWP’s.
  • Carry out major refurbishment work of AWP’s which involves replacement of boom/scissor assembly and major components.
  • Periodic safety, operation and maintenance inspection of machines at various sites.
  • Install track and trace equipment on AWP’s and upgrade equipment system performance in accordance with manufacturer's safety notice

Manlift Core Values

  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Diversity

Function Key Competencies

  • Flexibility ­ Communication skills
  • Organisational skills ­ Problem Solving
  • Teamwork / Independence


  • Degree or diploma in engineering/ 6 ­ 8 years of increasingly responsible maintenance and repair experience in AWP’s or related equipment.
  • Experience & knowledge of diagnostic equipment, and procedures.
  • Good knowledge of English, both written and spoken. Knowledge of an additional language is an asset.
  • Quick learner, eager to learn and develop.
  • Valid UAE driving license.
  • IPAF certification.