Technical Help Desk Team Lead (Spider in a web) - Qatar





Team Leader Technical Help Desk will further develop and improve the Field Service Team performance and quality of Customer service, breakdowns, preventive maintenance, sales maintenance contract processes.

The primary focus will be sustained improvements in breakdown number reductions, improved efficiency of field service teams, and regular targeted internal training sessions.

Additionally, this role will continue to implement and develop the improvements learned from our “Spider in the Web Hot Zone” project. The role will include, short workshop training sessions that will embed countermeasures and improve quality repair and maintenance practice for our maintenance and repair teams.

Responsible for MEWPs periodic maintenance and breakdown rectification of MEWPs with site focus. Responsible for directing and controlling the activities of the Field Service Engineers (in terms of efficiency, costs and customer satisfaction and accurate reporting). Reducing breakdown numbers and issues and improvements on the breakdown and field service response processes.

Organisational Structure

  • Reports to Workshop Manager – Manlift Qatar WLL
  • Liaise with Technical Coordinator – Manlift Qatar WLL

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Receive Site breakdown calls and resolve over the phone whenever possible. Send appropriate Field Service Technician to customer site in a timely manner, with a task of a clear understanding of the root cause prior to technician arrival on site.
  • Maintain positive customer relations through professional interactions with customers.
  • Encourage technicians to efficiently determine root cause and identify hot zones to reduce breakdowns.
  • Supervise the Field Service Technicians during the daily execution of their technical duties. This includes ensuring meaningful data entered onto any forms used that makes clear to the allocated data entry person what the applicable classification or breakdown code entry should be.
  • Relay information to Technical coordinator for MEWP site replacement due to breakdown issues and other site challenges.
  • Carry out internal training sessions with the team related to Spider in a web twice a month to elevate technical knowledge. (Focused on identified hot zones)
  • Supervise the use of service vehicles, correct use of tools, check presence of the required and correct parts, consumables and tools according to Inventory control system (Kanban) and supervise 6S of the vehicles.
  • Ensure all safety notices are completed in required time frame.
  • Ensure Preventive Maintenance is completed at required intervals.
  • Make periodic reports on the progress of the work, results, problems and possible solutions.
  • All Technicians involved in “On site servicing” & “Breakdowns”, must adopt & use the approved procedure only. Examples of some of these procedures are; the correct use & completion of “Field Service Reports”, correct phone procedure, & the polite communication with clients at all times.
  • Supervise aspects of safety, health and environment and quality of work for the Field Service Technicians
  • Execute Tool box meeting with the Field Service Technicians weekly with the presence of the Workshop Manager.
  • Contribute to the academy technical grading goals (developing objective holistic approach to theoretical, practical technician assessments for the 3 levels of graded technicians)

Manlift Core Values

  • Safety - Enthusiasm & Drive
  • Engagement
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility

Function Key Competencies

  • Flexibility - Communication skills
  • Organizational skills - Problem Solving
  • Teamwork / Independence


  • Minimum of 8+ years’ experience in AWP operations, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.
  • IT literate, with advanced Excel skills, Word and PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Good knowledge of English, both written and spoken.
  • Tertiary engineering qualification would be advantageous.
  • OEM & Factory trained would be advantageous.
  • Quick learner, eager to learn and develop.