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03 Jun

How Manlift Helps Increase Safety and Efficiency in Your Distribution Centre?

Logistics and Warehousing Manlift
Manlift provides the most suitable MEWPs for the Logistics and Warehousing Industry

If you work in logistics, you understand the importance of keeping your distribution centre running smoothly at all times. This means being able to continue working no matter what and making sure that there are zero accidents on site. To help you achieve those goals, Manlift is here.

Safety First

Ensuring that there are no accidents on site is difficult if you don’t have access to the proper equipment. When counting stock, changing lights, installing or maintenance of a sprinkler system, or doing any maintenance within a warehouse, using aerial work platforms provides the safest method for working at height. Manlift’s equipment is high-quality and inspected before and after each delivery, making sure that your machines are always in the best condition possible.

Training? We’ve Got You Covered!

In addition to safe equipment, it’s necessary that your operators are comfortable working with our equipment and know how to do so in the safest manner. We can provide a variety of safety training courses at your location or at one of our Manlift depots to make sure that the people working with our equipment stay safe while working at height.

Logistics and Warehousing Manlift 

Making Your Processes More Efficient

At distribution centres, workers need access to machinery periodically, which means that long-term rental might be the best option for you. Rather than owning your own equipment which you will have to maintain yourself, you can get a great deal on long-term rentals from Manlift. That way, if you have a problem, we are available 24/7 to support you with onsite maintenance and repairs, or to replace broken equipment in a pinch. This gives you more control over your workflows and processes.

We Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

We can supply a variety of compact electric scissor lifts that reach to various working heights. Not only do these machines produce zero emissions and help you reduce your carbon footprint, but they also help make the working environment safer and more pleasant for your workers. With low noise and quick lifting time, they quietly raise workers to height in the most efficient way.

Frequently Rented Machines

If you have a doubt about which machine offers the best solution, you can request a work survey. A Manlift staff member will assess the situation on-site and will provide you with appropriate advice.

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  • Saroj Mitra / Funky Island 30 Jul

    Happy to know about such support for accident free work. Machines are available on rental basis is key of your business. Good luck.

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