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11 Nov

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Manlift Sustainability - Washing Bay
Earlier this year, as part of The Manlift Way, we refined and improved our Aerial Work Platform (AWP) washing procedures. How do we do this?

Manlift has been focused on continuous improvement on each and every process we do, reducing waste and helping saving the Environment.

With our two wash bays for cleaning our Aerial Work Platforms (AWP), we set up a waste water recycling unit. Our waste water recycling unit helps us to filter the waste water and convert it back to reusable water for washing our AWP's.

Manlift has been able to reduce wastewater disposal from a monthly disposal of 20 cubic meter in the past to 20 cubic meter of waste in a quarter today resulting into 80,000 liters of waste water disposal and 160,000 liters waste water disposal savings as compare to previous years.

Disposal of waste water follows certain steps:

a. Wastewater will be sent for laboratory test to identify if it is a trade or hazardous waste.

b. Disposal will be applied in the Dubai Municipality (DM) Portal and required filling up the form.

c. An approval will be given by DM and only an accredited service provider will handle the disposal and will take out the waste water from our premises.

Our team also measured the time it takes to wash a AWPs. We created an average washing timing dashboard for each single model of AWP in the depot. A baseline for us to analyse data, improve productivity, reduce waste and becoming more efficient in our washing process.

As a result, we have made further savings in time, costs and the environment! SAVE time, SAVE money and you will help SAVE the environment!!

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