From working on road signs, collecting trash and maintaining highways and bridges to constructing, operating, and maintaining public buildings, government has innumerable requirements for working at height. And in Manlift, government has a partner that can provide exactly the right piece of equipment for any access challenge.

Equipment and training
Whether it concerns pruning (date) trees or washing the windows of a government office building, Manlift can supply tailor-made machines. If an employee is already qualified with a Class B license or equivalent, he or she can use one of our truck-mounted aerial work platforms. These platforms provide mobility and can be placed on site or removed very quickly. But if there are no qualified operators, we can also provide the training so an employee can receive the necessary certification to safely operate an AWP.

We’ve been providing AWPs to government for years, so we know the requirements and can help you select the most cost-effective equipment for just about any task.

You Require Power Generators for any Accommodation?

Manlift Power specialises in generator solutions for rent or sale ranging from 10kVA - 2000kVA single units up to 50MW Remote Power Installations.
Have a look to our wide range of power generators and let us know what you need.

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Interested in purchasing a lifting equipment?

Manlift is a leading specialist in both, rental and sales of a young and new range of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and forklifts.
All our machines come directly from our rental fleet and are well maintained.
If you prefer to buy a new machine, you can choose from the wide range below and contact us for more information.
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