Manlift People-Manjeet

27 March, 2023

Manlift People – Manjeet Singh

Manlift is proud to launch our latest series in an effort to give our customers an insight into the people of Manlift. The Manlift People series will take you behind the scenes to show the people that ensure Manlift is able to deliver the best customer experience.

Part three of the series Manlift People takes us to the very experienced Head of Corporate Relations In India – Manjeet Singh. He has been a key figure at Manlift India having spent 12 years contributing to and driving the commercial team across our India locations. 

We caught up with Manjeet to provide our customers with an insight into the Head of Corporate Relations In India .

What do you like about working at Manlift?

A vibrant multinational with a strong focus on constant technology upgrades, people and processes make Manlift a dynamic and interesting place to work. 

What does your job entail?

My job includes Business Development across different segments and making our current and prospective customers aware of our service offerings. This also entails cementing deals with price negotiations. My job is to ensure great customer relationships through excellent service experience. Another important area is to realize funds through coordination with customers as well as educating customers on value-added services. As a leader of the Commercial team, the job is also to coordinate the efforts of the team, keep them motivated and develop them to make better service offers. In summary, the job is to ensure a win-win solution for Manlift and customers, making them true partners in progress.

How long have you worked for Manlift?

I have completed 12 years with Manlift India.

How does Manlift shape you personally and professionally?

Manlift has helped me become a problem solver and to always explore mutually beneficial solutions in my professional life. Personally, working with Manlift has helped me be more positive and caring for people around me by keeping them motivated.

Would you recommend Manlift as a place to work?

I would definitely recommend Manlift as a place to work as there is immense opportunity to learn, develop and also to prove one’s mettle. This is an organization which recognizes individual merit as well as team contribution and the biggest plus points are transparency and fair dealing.

During your many years at Manlift, what has been your favourite moment?

Although there are many achievements, a moment that especially stands out in my memory is the Hindustan Unilever Project in Assam. It was a fast-track project, which was being actively encouraged by the State Government as a part of industrial development. Manlift was the preferred partner during the construction stage and 90% of the AWPs required during construction were supplied by Manlift. We ensured the constant availability of over 50 machines for seven months, with full technical support for the timely completion of this project. During the inauguration of the project by the CEO of Hindustan Unilever and the Chief Minister of the state of Assam, Manlift was honoured and recognized as an A-Class partner, who through their services had ensured that stiff deadlines were maintained. It was a proud moment indeed for Manlift India.