IPAF Rental+

28 April, 2023

Manlift is the First to achieve IPAF Rental+ Certification

We are glad to share that Manlift has achieved IPAF Rental+ certification, following the continuous improvement program pathway that is “The Manlift way” we have satisfied the criteria defined by IPAF to achieve this certification.

Manlift achieved IPAF Rental+ Certification.

Martin Wraith from IPAF said, “I have to say that after all my years in the access industry, I saw things that I have never seen before during my visit which demonstrates your passion for promoting good practice within the industry”.

Manlift has successfully fulfilled the evaluation criteria based on 70 audit points which include Finance, Health & Safety, Environmental, and Quality.

What is IPAF Rental+?

The IPAF Rental+ is the highest standard in Powered Access Equipment Hire!

IPAF Rental+ flyer