IAPA Sustainability Award

6 April, 2022

Manlift Wins The Sustainability Award

Manlift in collaboration with our group HQ is awarded the Sustainability Award 2022 by the International Awards for Powered Access corporation!

We are honoured to be recognized at this level by the International Awards for Powered Access. It motivates us to keep going!

Romina Vanzi, IPAF’s Head of Regional Development, says:

In recent years, Manlift has focused on developing the Lifting Sustainability Strategy, which includes:

From Manlift, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to winning this award and give special thanks to our entire SHEQ department.

We are proud to have been granted such an esteemed award, this proves that we are a sustainable leader in the international rental business. This award incentivizes and motivates us to keep Lifting Sustainability!