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24 Feb

How to Choose the Right Aerial Work Platform? Augmented Reality is the “New Normal” Solution Provider


Do you have trouble choosing the best machine for you? Have you ever selected the wrong machine, or later discovered there was a better solution for the job?

New Solutions

Selecting the best aerial work platform for your job to be done at height is not a snap decision, and thus requires time and thoughtfulness. The size of the working space, the minimum necessary working height as well as maximum weight capacity, and measurements of the entrances to the site must be accounted for.

Manlift’s innovation expedites this process, allowing you to select a machine with confidence, and get it right the first time. The augmented reality feature is available in our Manlift Rental app, enabling the selection of a machine easily and then the ability to see it in your workspace with the tap of a finger.

Augmented Reality - How to Choose the Right Aerial Work Platform

How it Works

Using your mobile device, the augmented reality technology displays a 3D model of your selected machine onto the surroundings detected by the camera. You simply open the app, select your machine of choice, and click ‘view in augmented reality’. The camera will open, and an icon will instruct you to move the camera around, pointed towards the floor for a matter of seconds. Then, you can tap the screen and the machine will be displayed in augmented reality on your camera, to scale in your working environment.

It is then possible to move the machine vertically and horizontally within a working space to determine if the working height is sufficient for the job to be done. Furthermore, this innovation allows you to see if the selected aerial work platform is the correct size to enter a worksite. Choosing the most suitable machine for the job is crucial, therefore this feature supports you in getting it right the first time. Of course, the Manlift support team is always available to give advice via phone or email if you are still uncertain about a machine choice.

The Details

The augmented reality feature can be found on the Manlift Rental app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. Using BIM (Business Information Modelling) files which have been modified to augmented reality files, allowing us to make sure that each machine has accurate dimensions when being displayed in augmented reality.

Our app includes our most popular and rented machine models with available BIM files. Eventually, The Manlift Rental app will make every machine with a BIM file available in the augmented reality feature.

Watch the video below to see how the augmented reality feature works.



The Manlift Rental App is available in Android as well as iOS, and can be downloaded from Google Play and iOS App Store.

Manlift Rental App available on Google Play Store  Manlift Rental App available on Apple Store

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