Joel Quadras

22 September, 2022

Manlift People – Joel Quadras

Manlift is proud to launch our latest series in an effort to give our customers an insight into the people of Manlift. The Manlift People series will take you behind the scenes to show the people that ensure Manlift is able to deliver the best customer experience.

We kick the series off with our newly appointed country manager in the UAE – Joel Quadras. Joel has been one of Manlift Group’s pioneers having spent 14 loyal years becoming the face and name of Manlift Group to our customers and the Middle East market.

In December 2021, Joel was promoted to Senior Commercial and Operations Manager for Manlift Middle East LLC. He has contributed greatly to his role as Sr. Commercial and Operations Manager by developing new business opportunities for Manlift Group and maintaining strong customer relationships.

With many years of commercial, operations and leadership experiences in the rental industry, Joel is evidenced by his ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, his strong work ethic, and by continuously motivating his staff and peers to become more successful. We are confident that Joel will continue to brilliantly represent Manlift Group and shine as our Country Manager in the UAE.

We caught up with Joel to provide our customers with an insight into the new Country Manager at Manlift UAE.

What does your job entail?

My job involves developing new/existing businesses and increasing profitability. Also, manage all operations and create a great team and winning culture within the company. I have learned this from my leader and always follow and inculcate to the Manlift team that “We compete with our products and win with our people”

What do you like about working at Manlift?

The strong team, open and diverse culture paired with the recognition and investment in talent development and creative innovation we bring in our service offerings.

How long have you worked for Manlift?

I have been working with Manlift for 14 years.

How does Manlift shape you personally and professionally?

My personal life and professional life had a great symbiosis. Personally, I’m a positive-minded person, and the same thing I have practised in my professional life whilst going through very volatile market conditions and dynamics. I proudly say “Do not let the job market condition and the economic environment impact your performance. Continue delivering to the best of your ability and stand out from the rest — you can survive through any crisis and even outperform others”. Manlift has helped shape my personal and professional life in a positive way and I am truly excited for my future with the organization.

Would you recommend Manlift as a place to work?

I highly recommend the Manlift Group to those who are eager to learn, develop and excel. Manlift has helped me become not only the professional but the person I am today through its engaged company culture.

How do you view Manlift’s lifting sustainability program?

Manlift always striving actively in lifting sustainability. Manlift’s sustainability program is a long-term plan and managed with a portfolio of multiple projects. Early this year, we introduced the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Manlift UAE is aligned and committed to focusing on 4 x Sustainability goals and set actions in contributing to reaching the goals. These are Good health and Well Being, Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Responsible consumption and production. There are a set of activities for each SDG that were listed in the action register with responsible persons, target timelines, priority levels, and status of progress and completion. The implementations are on track and progress is evident with 75% of the actions being acted upon. The commitment of Manlift to the lifting sustainability programme will continue in the coming years and the approach will facilitate achieving the Manlift 2030 SDG targets.