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Boom lift is an essential element of professional equipment when you need to work at heights safely. Construction, cleaning and painting are the most common industries that require boom lifts in order perform different tasks. Manlift provides reliable boom lifts for rent from well known brands which mainly includes JLG, Genie. The articulating boom lifts are used to reach above and beyond as there are more than one joint in the boom sections so it provides more potential outreach with great deal of safety. Manlift provides both electric boom lifts and diesel boom lifts for rent. The electric boom lifts are used to work indoor such as malls, warehouses or factories as most indoor areas followed zero emission standards. whereas diesel boom lift is more suitable for outdoor tasks and can be deployed easily in rough areas with great deal of flexibility. Boom lifts also vary on the basis of working height, weight and lifting capacity. Manlift rental offers boom lift rental services UAE, Qatar, India.


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Boom Lift Rental

Manlift provide boom electric and diesel powered boom lifts for rent.