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03 Apr

Access Platforms: How to organize an effective Open House Day?

Planning an Open House? Steps to consider Manlift
Opening our doors will enable us to build trust with new and existing customers who are working at height with aerial work platforms. It is a great opportunity to enhance customer relationships as part of our mission at Manlift to deliver the best customer experience.

It gives our customers the chance to learn about Manlift’s new value solutions that help them achieve the highest level of safety and efficiency. The key highlight of Manlift’s open house day is the demonstration of The Manlift Way - the heart beat of our company - where the latest improvements and advancements in our processes and services along the rental cycle are translated into added values to our (potential) customers. Additionally, such an event is a great reason for everyone to have a look around, chat with our key account managers or other stakeholders and experience the culture of Manlift.

Manlift Open House Day

360 degree Task Force Team

Preparation is the key!

Organizing an open house day requires TEAMWORK! It works only if everyone is pulling from the same string in order to make it an unforgettable day for everyone. Being systematic and having a proper agenda and action register will help to not only gain an overview on all the steps that need to be taken, but also to not forget any important aspects:

  • Defining next the project owner who drives and leads the project, coordinates with different team members and supports the team when needed is crucial.
  • At Manlift, “The Manlift Way champion” makes sure to grant the best yard layout, promoting great visual experience, and an excellent flow to facilitate a “walk through” the depot rental cycle, incl. the explanation of our depot bays. In fact, for each depot cell, we allocate a team member to share key criterias of the respective bay station.
  • Prior to the event, the workshop manager, yard controller and safety representative conduct the 6S internally and externally. They prepare the visual signages, re-paint mark cell boundaries if necessary and carry out a depot risk assessment. We also suggest barricading off the area of the tour.
  • On a final note, the safety measures also need to be checked and made available such as PPE, high visibility vest and workshop layout displays.
  • From the communication point of view, the marketing team is responsible for sending out the invitations and promoting the Manlift Open House Day. This will be conducted through landing pages,press releases, and across all social media channels with a special attraction to come to the event with something that’s new and beneficial for customers. Furthermore, the marketing team is responsible for creating a professional ambiance with proper, consistent branding in the yard. Manlift’s value propositions will be displayed through banners or pop ups and marketing materials such as leaflets and brochures. We will also create a nice give away for our customers, to make an impact on how we are perceived by them in return.
  • The Commercial Team will be responsible for the tour guides, carrying out personal tours, and sending personal invites to customers across all industries.
  • Our Stores Controller ensures proper parts Kanban (~signboard in japanese).
  • Training Department conducts a live IPAF training during the Open House Day.
  • Rental Desk Team / Hire Desk Team prepares KPI visual display, KPI explanation, hire process, sales app, etc.

At least one representative from all departments should be involved.

Last but not least, make sure to have a proper budget in place to avoid facing any financial burdens in the end. Also, make sure to define the day and time at the beginning of your team meeting. At least two weeks prior to the event, set a deadline for registration once the date of the Open House Day is confirmed and announced accordingly.

In any case, the best way to learn is to visit us and experience Manlift for yourself!

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