01 Apr

How Manlift is Helping to Keep MEWPs Safe?

Manlift Safety Measure for MEWPs amid COVID-19

Manlift is taking additional measures to keep MEWPs safe and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19

Manlift is including an additional step in our “off-rent to ready line” process, we now sanitize upper and lower control panels using disinfectant spray. How is the process managed?

  • Who: “1st” checker
  • How: tools used will be a suitable chemical spray vessel—that can spray a “mid particle size type” water jet. (wide jet)
  • When: all MEWPs immediately post unload. (prior to standard washing process)
  • Where: upper and lower MEWP control stations.
  • PPE: requirements are: eye protection wear, safety mask, surgical (disposable) gloves
  • Documentation control requirements: the task is confirmed as being complete on the 1st check form.
Manlift is sanitizing MEWPs control station

Safety has always been a core focus at Manlift and in the current climate, this becomes even more apparent. Our professional technical team focuses on health & safety as a primary pillar of every process taken with our machines.

The COVID-19 virus can remain present for extended periods on “touch and droplet landing surfaces”; our proactive approach at applying multiple additional infection countermeasures adds another important step to the total of our prevention methods and actions.

Our operating system, “The Manlift Way” accelerates our abilities to deliver many improvements in a speedy manner. This is just another example of our continuous improvement efforts that help us to deliver “The Best Customer Experience” across the Middle East and India.

Ensuring our customers and their teams are “working safely at Height” is one of Manlift’s key deliverables. Our experienced team is always on hand to ensure our customers have the best piece of equipment to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. To find out more get in touch on +971 4 885 6065 or to speak to a member of our team.

Manlift Safety Measure for MEWPs amid COVID-19 (Video)

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